Aurora Borealis in 4K

Earth is so much nicer when seen from afar. No earthquakes, no hunger, no war. Just beautiful pictures. It’s a shame we can’t make it be as nice up close.

The Lord of the Rings as an IT Project

Remy Porter makes an excellent case of how the Lord of the Rings is in fact a crappy enterprise IT project:

Meet Gandalf, a legacy systems developer. Gandalf pushes off important work onto Bilbo, an accountant, who having created some complex spreadsheet macros is being assigned as a developer to this project…

Practical Linux System Administration

While looking for something completely unrelated, I came across an interesting conversation: New to linux, I need a project. It was about a Windows admin asking for advice on taking up some test projects in order to expand his linux skills. Funny how, I’ve been thinking for exactly the same thing: I want to become a better linux admin and I prefer learning by example!

So, here are a few of the suggestions given in this conversation. I plan on looking into them in detail and trying some of them out, starting today!

December Magic

Since I first tried it 2 years ago, “December Magic” has become a family tradition! A couple of weeks ago, our daughter asked me if her Playmobil toys would come to life again this Christmas. Well, of course they did!

So, for the third consecutive year, for the whole of December, our kids’ Playmobil toys come to life every night and do various mischief throughout the house. The look in our kids’ faces in the morning is priceless!

I’ll update the post with photos, as soon as I get around to offload the SD Card of the DSLR camera. 🙂