December Magic

About a month ago, I came across a great arti­cle on Medium. In it, Refe Tuma tells us how he and his wife ded­i­cate Novem­ber (or, as they call it, Dino­vem­ber) to mak­ing their kids believe that their toy-dinosaurs come to life every night and play around the house. They do it in order to pro­mote their kids’ imag­i­na­tion and creativity.

It got me think­ing and made me want to try some­thing sim­i­lar. There were two issues, though: it was too late for Novem­ber and our daugh­ter isn’t big on dinosaurs. How­ever, Christ­mas was con­ve­niently around the cor­ner and she likes to play a lot with Play­mo­bil figures.

So, I cre­ated for her, “Decem­ber Magic”: every night on Decem­ber, the Play­mo­bil fig­ures come to life thanks to “Christ­mas magic” and play around the house!

So far it has been a great suc­cess. She gets up every morn­ing in a hurry, runs to see the lat­est Play­mo­bil mis­chief and enjoys it very much — with excep­tion to the day when they tried to steal her lollipops!

To be hon­est, I think we enjoy it even more than her, both every night set­ting them up and every morn­ing watch­ing her reactions!

(pho­tos of the project on Flickr)

iOS 7 — at a glance

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Weekend Reads

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Weekend Reads

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Cat Painting

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